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Vicky Wolfenden
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Want to know more about becoming an Independent AVON Representative?

Being an Independent AVON Representative can help generate an excellent income for you - full time or in your spare time!

What is involved?

Are you asking yourself these questions:

What do I have to do to sell AVON?

How much work is involved?

You, as an Indpendent AVON Representative will go out and find customers, these can be your friends, family members, work colleagues, neighbours, school run, you can also have your very own allocated area close to your home. You can find customers ANYTIME, ANY PLACE, ANYWHERE, ALWAYS ASK!!

You show your customers the latest brochure, offer them a sample and even demonstrate the latest products. Leave them with a brochure for a few days and then collect their order. You then re-distribute these brochures to your next lot of potential customers.

You then submit your order online to AVON on your specified dates. You will in return get free delivery of your products also on the specified dates.

You deliver the products to your customers and collect all money.

Pay AVON and pay yourself.

The amount of hours you work is entirely up to you and how much you have to spare -anything from an hour a week. The more you put into it the more you can earn.


The more products you sell the more money you will earn. If your book sales are over £87 then you can get 20% discount on your products. So if you had £100 in sales, you could earn £20.

If your book sales are over £160 then you can get 25% discount on your products. So if you got £200 in sales, you could earn £50.

The Benefits

With AVON there is an unlimited earning opportunity and lots of exciting incentives.

Flexible hours to suit you and your lifestyle.

Fit your work around your children or other commitments.

There is no up front charge to get started and no kit to buy.

Everything provided to get you started straightaway.

Pay yourself 18 times a year, so that is an income (normally) every 3 weeks.

Create your own business as an Independent AVON Representative.

FULL training and support to help you grow in your new business adventure.

You will get to know so many more people and hopefully make some new friends too.

You will also discover that working can be fun!

An opportunity to become a Sales Leader and recruit your own team of Avon Reps!

Every Representative will get an exclusive magazine called First Look. You will get to preview the new exciting products that aren't even available to your customers and you can even purchase them and demonstrate to your customers. You get an exclusive 30% off and even have the opportunity to purchase some clearance products where you can save upto 85%. This exclusive magazine also gives you lots of advice, handy hints and it gives you it's trade secrets............shhhhhh First Look is for your eyes only!!

Each Representative will have the opportunity to get into an exclusive Presidents Club. This is for top achieving Representatives. You will get discounted brochures, beauty products, an invite to Gala Dinners and Recognition Dinners. Everyone can get into this club with a bit of hard work and determination. You can keep track of how well you are doing on your own AVON website.

Start Up Cost

With AVON there is no initial outlay, there is however a choice of 4 starter packs to purchase, starting from just £15.

You will be provided with brochures, for your first two campaigns so you can get out there and start making money immediately.