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Vicky Wolfenden
Phone: 07867 727601

Sales Leader

Advanced Leadership is a very exciting AVON business opportunity. If you are ambitious, self motivated and like meeting people, then Advanced Leadership could be for you.

As an Independent AVON Coordinator or Leader you'll get the opportunity and all the support that you need to build a successful business with a well established company and a well known brand name.

The success of your AVON business as an Indpendent Leader is founded on you recruiting and training your own team of AVON Representatives while drawing on the support, materials, products and brand name to help you. Full training and support will be provided to help you all the way by experienced Leaders.

As a Leader you are in “business for yourself but not by yourself”. Hard work and commitment are required but in return the pay plan will reward you for your efforts as you build your team, enhance your earnings and share your success with others

How much can you earn? The more you put in to your business the more you will get out. As your team grows your commission levels grow. This will start off at around 4% and can grow to up to 9% of your total team sales (a higher percentage with VIP). The new bonus structure provides additional financial rewards in the first year.. The rewards that can be realised from building a team and training them to achieve their own goals are substantial, as you find that some of your team will also want to become Leaders and with your help and training they too will build a team of AVON Representatives and you will earn a percentage of their sales too. But that's not all, as the Leaders you have trained develop their own teams they too will develop some of their Reps to become Leaders who in turn will build a team of AVON Representatives, and yes - you've guessed it, you will earn a percentage of their sales too.

As your build your team you will progress through the ranks from Co-ordinator, Leader, to to Executive Sales Leader and finally to VIP, seeing your earnings increase all the way through the journey whilst having a wonderful time meeting new people and sharing your passion with them.